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August 29, 2015

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TMMworld Dot Net Services provides the full range of website development services, support services, and content management services, structured to meet the special needs of just about any business or organization.

Content Management Services

TMMworld Sites

Online Policies and Procedures Management System

On-Line Policies & Procedures
Management Site

A very powerful CMS site providing for complete management of on-line policies and procedures. 

The system shown here was implemented for the Mississippi School Board Association.  It contains over 45,000 documents for school districts across the state.

The system can support any number of School Districts or other types of organizations in drafting, reviewing, editing, and publishing policies and procedures.  The system includes complete work flow approval processes, multiple levels of user security, on-line procedure editing through the browser, document print, and export to PDF.

The system also includes features for file attachments, cross referencing, categories, and document archiving.  Users may search the contents of all documents using the full text search features.  

Manage your business policies and procedures on-line, providing management and staff with fast, easy, and consistent access to documents, while maintaining the necessary security for approvals, and publishing.  Excellent for secure internal websites (intranets), and for allowing access over the internet as needed.   Contact us at TMMworld for your business procedures documentation site! 

TMMworld Dot Net Services

McKinney Heating and Air

McKinney Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating & Air Conditioning

The McKinney Heating and Air Conditioning website is another Content Management System site, where the customer may update any information as they please, without additional cost, which includes moving or adding pages.

At TMMworld, we provide ongoing support for our customers for hosting and technical support, and we provide email services.  TMMworld also provides website content update services at very affordable rates.    

Visit the new McKinney Heating and Air Conditioning website at

Secure Intranet - File Management Site

Saint Barnabas
Health Care Systems

A secure business site for file management, version control, and file sharing. This powerful system implemented by TMMworld supports any file type, and file sizes of up to 2 gig each. 

This system was implemented for Saint Barnabas Health Care Systems in New Jersey, to support education and training for the area medical centers.  Users store documents, presentations, spreadsheets, development files, and videos. 

The system is used by multiple facilities, where individuals may securely manage their own files, and allow for sharing with other staff and departments where desired.  The system supports file version control, file categories, file descriptions, data attributes, upload and download features, and a very power search tool that can even search file contents for words or phrases.       Need a repository site for your files?  

Checkered Pig Martinsville and Danville VA
We love the Checkered Pig
We visit the Martinsville store at least once per week!


Rania's Restaurant

Rania's Restaurant, 
Bar & Grill

THe Rania's Restaurant website features a full menu, specials menus, photos of the restaurant, banquet rooms, and more.

This site is another Portal Web Site, enabling the owner with the flexibility of updating the site as they please through their web browser.  A few clicks, and they will be able to add specials or other information as desired.  We built this site for Rania's, which included copy writing (content), some photograpy, and editor training.  TMMworld also provides the content support and hosting services for this website.

Rania's is one of our favorite local restaurants.  When you visit, say hello to the owner, Roberto, and tell him that you found his restaurant from the website.


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